History (A Reprise)

from by Execute Order 66

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Their eyes beat down on me like desert heat
I drown in a sea of critiques
The worlds not satisfied with live and let live
These people all act like machines
My life has been a giant
Social disembowelment
There is no higher dishonor
Then putting logic before Country God and Altar
Irrelevant are your morals, inconsequential is your life
Everything you think is wrong, sit down and shut up you're here for the long haul
Activism is a thought best left to hippies and liberal scum
After all an open mind looks better with an exit wound
Where did the radicals go?
When did pushing the envelope become obsolete?
What happened to ingenuity?
Are we really all fucking content?
Who are you to tell me that I dress wrong?
We're not from the same make, so back the fuck off
I'll be the judge of who I am
Don't blame me for your lack of self worth
Welcome to the end of life as you know it
Hope you enjoyed your time as a member of the club
Please don't forget your complimentary manual on
How to reinvent yourself according to our norms
The gates are shut forever
We've lost everything we held sacred
To my children please forgive me
We held your futures in our hands, and we wasted it


from In The Shadows Of Giants, released December 12, 2012



all rights reserved


Execute Order 66 Long Beach, New York

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