Crimes Of Passion

from by Execute Order 66

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Your Majesty, I commend thee
Your viciousness matched only by your bloodlust
The sheer senselessness of it all drives me mad with grief
So if I'm damned at least you're coming along for the ride
Since a little boy I admired the nobility
Dreaming of the days when I could end my families poverty
Day in and day out I would look upon his majesty
Gallantly riding his noble steeds backed up by Calvary
Everything changed one fateful day when a prophecy was made
That the ruler, once the slaver, soon would become the enslaved
Maddened and drunk on power, the king sought out a way to avoid
This catastrophic class war that threatened to usurp his throne
Rounding up every family residing in the slums
He murdered them in cold blood
Little did he know, he created an assassin
when he took away the only thing that tied me to this kingdom
Now instead of dreaming of a day when I become king
I lay awake dreaming of the day I destroy him
I feel I should start with the raping of his princess
Let him experience what he did to his servants
Blood will run down
like water to mountains
Tonights the night Tonight your life
Tonight I take everything you love away from you
When you look upon your altar you will see your precious daughter
and queen bound and writhing helplessly trying to scream out warnings
But by then it'll be too late and as you lay there bleeding out
The last thing that you see will be your whole family dead...and defiled
Everything will have finally come full circle
Now my families afterlives can be carefree and peaceful
Yet as I begin to walk away I feel a realization
Vengeance now complete, I sit and contemplate
My actions tonight that have led me to such a place
Though my intentions true and my revenge well earned
I cannot help but feel as if I made a mistake
When I found that letter
The order came from another
Done by another, murder's my color
Now a killer it doesn't matter
Works not done yet, I have nothing left
I will find him, The High Priest


from In The Shadows Of Giants, released December 12, 2012



all rights reserved


Execute Order 66 Long Beach, New York

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