Awakening To Desolation

from by Execute Order 66

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I've heard many things as the days roll on
From planet smashers to detonations of atomic bombs
Great wars covering the land in blood
The very sun blocked out by ash and soot
The return of the Christ, or his counterpart
come to rob us of soul, empathy and heart
2012 doomsday apocalypse
But to me it all sounds like a load of shit
But enlightenment, the idea that everyone will awaken within
a period of unmatched harmony, mutual understanding and unity
Wouldn't it be nice? Everybody holding hands as we join the light
But what if when we enter out we don't like what we find?
Insanity brought on by joining of our minds
Awakening to Desolation
Awakening to Desolation
Imagine every fucked up thought you've ever had, multiplied by
Every murderer and psychopath alive
Schizophrenia lived out for the rest of time
Omniscience has a price, visuals solidify, heaven and hell unify, into one
Individualism gives way to hive mind
Losing our way over unyielding skies
The vast landscape of time stretched out before us
Will we like what we find?
An unending stream of every souls consciousness
Will we like what we find?
Armageddon comes alive when we decide
Armageddon comes alive
Armageddon comes alive when we decide
Armageddon comes alive


from In The Shadows Of Giants, released December 12, 2012



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Execute Order 66 Long Beach, New York

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